Two Montrealers

Bertrand la line is the meeting of two young designers and a common passion for fashion, for unique jackets made in Montreal: Marilyne Bertrand, 25, and Laurence Martin, 21. Together, they present an exclusive collection, “La Ligne 01” of 22 original handmade jackets, right here.

Bertrand La Ligne, "it is the satisfaction of knowing that each tailor has a unique owner. They say in chorus. These 22 numbered jackets are both colorful, with sequins or even with eccentric shoulders. Choosing to wear Bertrand La Ligne is an affirmation of self-confidence, even "of empowerment." "Marilyne and Laurence say aloud" not to be afraid to shine brightly. "

Marilyne Bertrand and Laurence Martin are two graduates of Collège Marie-Victorin. The first in Graphic Design & the second in Fashion Design. Today, they form a duo to offer rare and personal items. Each element is different, stands out from the rest and yes, "there is only one like it. "

"Dress him up, dress him up." A Bertrand La Ligne blazer can be worn to replace an evening dress or even to work in a relaxed manner.

“I was transported by the creative passion of my paternal grandfather. He had his workshop on rue Chabanel and my parents have kept some of his pieces made in the 80s. It is by wearing them regularly that I felt the urge, and had the idea, to mix the retro with current trends. The sleeves and fabrics transport us to another era, while retaining a cut for today's woman. So I looked everywhere to find Laurence Martin, my brilliant partner for the project, a passionate person who creates our own bosses. We chose every fabric and every button together, here in Montreal. "- Marilyne Bertrand

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