D.A.T.E. is the acronym of the names of the four young founders of the Project: Damiano Innocenti (1980), Alessandro Zanobini (1982), Tommaso Santoni (1981) and Emiliano Paci (1972). In 2005, the 4 meet in London, where they are dissatisfied with their professional life and decide to change and embark on an ambitious project: to create their own line of sneakers D.A.T.E. With various difficulties, they manage to prepare the first sample, consisting of a few British-style items from the 1970s.

They contacted a few agents in Italy, but they didn't consider them much, so much so that the first season is a flop with less than 700 pairs sold. Given the figures, suppliers refuse to produce them, which puts them in serious crisis. After analyzing the more desperate alternatives, they understood that the only way to continue the project and not give up is to produce themselves the first D.A.T.E.

Thanks to the experience of Emiliano and Damiano, who in the past have collaborated with brands such as Paul Smith and Escada, they got to start. Collecting old machines here and there, they improvise a resolutely artisanal workshop in Emiliano's garage where they meet every evening after work. They are having a tough time, they spend a summer working day and night, but in the end they did it.

In January 2006, thanks to the favor of a friend, they managed to be accommodated in a booth of Pitti Immagine Uomo, exhibiting their collection in a small space. The first D.A.T.E, thanks to their artisanal taste, conquered the public and sold in 3 days more than 8000 pairs. It is a success !!! They become the real novelty of the season.

DAMIANO: * Born among the shoes *

He started out as a boy in his father's shoe business and then moved to London. Work as a Product Manager for Valentino and other brands before starting the D.A.T.E adventure

ALESSANDRO: * The inventor of brilliant ideas *

After studying Communication Strategies in Florence, he majored in Fashion Marketing in Melbourne, Australia. Here, for the first time, he realizes the idea of ​​being able to create his own brand of sneakers.

TOMASSO: * The Strategic Planner *

Graduated in business administration, he specializes in marketing in Australia. He worked for an international consulting company before embarking on an ambitious new D.A.T.E.

EMILIANO: * The creative spirit *

Learn the ancient art of footwear in Florence. He started his career in London, working with brands such as Paul Smith and Escada. Emiliano designed the first D.A.T.E. and continues to be the creative spirit of the style bureau.


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