Founded by Cinzia Maag, INUIKII is a creative global design house with curated products which enhances your identity!

The core idea of the brand is to make it happen that everyone finds its matchable style! A personal statement witch outlasts trends and follows everyones journeys. Focussed on curated and high quality shoes with a twist of health when it comes to fitting or the summer slipper-footbed. Enter into the world and community of Inuikii 
We as a family (Cinzia, Danilo, Alessio, the Founders) started with the brand which os a new footwear label specifically for colder but fashion winter months. Launched in 2012, the brand is already popular across many countries and worldwide recognized. Now also with a new summer collection. Since 2016, Inuikii has expanded its family with Nicole Nordin and Peter Forsberg. The Swiss/Swedish connection stands with full power and enhusiasm behind the brand to fulfill the goal; to turn you winter into something special! 
"All creations and developments of Inuikii are made-in-house in Zurich, Switzerland. Not one pieces a standard piece buy specially developed to keep the high core values of the brand  and the Maag family. All products are entirely handmade and offer a choice from sophisticated classic to fashionable" - Danilo & Alessio 
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